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After Sun Repairing Mask

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Size — 25ml
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After Sun Repairing Mask

Soothes and hydrates

Care for sun-damaged skin.

Helps repair skin damaged by excessive sun exposure
reduces redness
supplies the skin with moisture and prevents dryness
soothes, refreshes and calms
relieves itchy skin

The formula includes:

Aloe Vera: With its refreshing and soothing effect, it helps repair and soothe sun-exposed skin, prevents flaking, reduces dryness and promotes a prolonged tan.
Melon: A powerful moisturizer that prevents dryness and irritation caused by excessive sun exposure. It also has soothing properties, refreshes the skin and relieves redness. Also has a depigmenting effect, which helps to remove toxins, reduces skin oxidation and the appearance of dark spots.
Chamomile: Has decongestant properties that soothe and soothe sun-damaged skin.

After Sun Repairing Mask