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Argan oil

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Argan oil

NATURHÔNA has chosen to share with you a pure argan oil obtained by cold pressing, a true ancestral beauty treasure.
A real cocktail of Omega 9 and 6, sterols and antioxidant vitamin E, this excellent skin protector limits the effects of external aggressions (cold, wind, UV rays, etc.) for an anti-aging effect on the skin.

Our 100% pure, natural and vegan organic argan oil is an ideal versatile beauty treatment for skin, hair and nails:

- It nourishes dry and undernourished skin and restores its suppleness and elasticity

- it repairs, protects the skin and regenerates the hydrolipid film (ideal after peeling)

- It gives shine and radiance to dull and tired hair

- it strengthens brittle nails

Argan oil