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Black Edition activated carbon powder

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Black Edition activated carbon powder

The activated carbon from the coconut removes the dirt particles that discolor your teeth and helps to whiten your teeth naturally and without any chemicals. Black Edition by Smilepen is particularly suitable for light discoloration or as an entry-level product for whiter teeth.

If you want professional and stronger teeth whitening, we recommend the Smilepen Power Whitening Kit for up to 70% whiter teeth in one week.


The easiest tooth whitening in the world. Dip your toothbrush with a pea-sized amount of toothpaste directly into the Smilepen Black Edition powder and clean your teeth. Your teeth will then be gently whitened and sparkling white during the cleaning process.


In 7 days, your teeth will be up to 2 shades whiter with the Smilepen Black Edition powder, gentle and 100% natural. For optimal results, we recommend using it 3 times a week.

Our tip:

Would you like your teeth to be whiter every day and have long-lasting results? Then we recommend our Sonicwhite sonic toothbrush with the matching Smilepen Power Whitening toothpaste & mouthwash for daily tooth cleaning.
  • with activated carbon
  • for light discoloration
  • Teeth whitening by up to 2 levels
Black Edition activated carbon powder