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Chado scented candle

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Chado scented candle

The essence and art of a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Prepare to soak up green tea, Japanese neroli, clouds of Okinawan flowers and guaiac wood.

As a time-honored Japanese tea ceremony, Chadō (茶道) symbolizes a true Zen thought process, calm, mindfulness, simplicity, and beauty in imperfection. Amoln's Chadō brings Japanese tea ceremony experiences into your environment through sophisticated scents of green tea and Japanese neroli, usually found in traditional tea rooms. Guaiac wood, cloves, and various Okinawan garden flowers included in the accompanying ceremonial canapés complete the journey of inner peace and tranquility.  

Fragrance notes

Top notes – bergamot, lemon, orange, cloves
Heart notes: jasmine, violet, green tea
Base: Cedarwood, Hay, Guaiac wood

Chado scented candle