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Authentic Osmia Saunavihta fragrance. Burn time more than 30 hours. Prepared from vegetable oil based stearin, coconut oil and paraffin.

Making scents as authentic as possible is the core competency of Osmia's product development. Scented candles bring you Finnish nature as a unique scent experience. These unique scents are only available in Osmia products.

A very natural, correspondingly mild and fascinating scent. We receive a lot of enthusiastic feedback from customers who have not yet been enthusiastic about scented candles.

The Osmian candle is a sophisticated addition to the interior design of the room, which is noticeable as soon as you enter the room. The scent is surprisingly natural and earthy without being too aggressive or flirty. At the right moment, you can create the atmosphere of, for example, a summer night, a Lapland hut or a medieval monastery in your home. Choose depending on the season and mood. A candle creates atmosphere all year round - and for many people, a scented candle is part of a well-thought-out interior design.

Candle burning time:

150g approx. 30 hours

230g approx. 50 hours