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Oh My Lift Anti Age Smoothing Cream

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Oh My Lift Anti Age Smoothing Cream

"A firming effect treatment based on Gaba BTX Peptide with an impressive relaxing effect on wrinkles. An enveloping texture that melts into the skin and smoothes wrinkles - both fine and deep - and immediately gives you a younger look and a great feeling of comfort and hydration. Signs of aging and facial wrinkles become less visible. The skin regains firmness and suppleness.

Less visible wrinkles, right from the first application:

Reduction of fine lines 80%.
Reduction of deep wrinkles 85%.

Smoother, plumper and more relaxed skin after 4 weeks:

Reduction of facial wrinkles 55%.
Reduction of fine lines 85%.
Reduction of deep wrinkles 95%.

Suitable for all skin types.
Oh My Lift Anti Age Smoothing Cream