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Oh My Lift Anti Age Smoothing Serum

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Oh My Lift Anti Age Smoothing Serum

"Intensive treatment rich in Gaba BTX peptides with a strong smoothing effect on wrinkles. It helps to relax the micro-contractions of the skin and reduce the number, volume and depth of wrinkles. With its quickly absorbed texture, it leaves the skin immediately smoother and Firmer. Enriched with jojoba second skin and hyaluronic acid, the serum forms a flexible film on the face with a lifting effect that relaxes and reshapes the contours and immediately ensures smoother and younger-looking skin.

Less visible wrinkles, right from the first application:

Reduction of fine lines 80%.
Reduction of deep wrinkles 85%.

Smoother, plumper and more relaxed skin after 4 weeks:

Reduction of facial wrinkles 55%.
Reduction of fine lines 85%.
Reduction of deep wrinkles 95%.

Suitable for all skin types.
Oh My Lift Anti Age Smoothing Serum