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Purity Bronzing Water Gel

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Size — 200ml
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Purity Bronzing Water Gel

Refresh and revitalize your skin with the new Self Tan Purity Water Gel, for maximum hydration and a natural-looking, glowing tan in just 3 hours.

Tropically scented, ultra-light gel texture
A natural-looking, golden tan in just 3 hours
Gives the skin intensive moisture for 72 hours
With hyaluronic acid, which moisturizes and prolongs the tan
Anti-pollution formulation
Doesn't need to be washed off and doesn't stain
Gel-to-water formulation that is absorbed immediately

The light gel can be applied every day instead of the usual body lotion. It is quickly absorbed, does not need to be washed off, does not stain and leaves the skin feeling gentle. The full tan develops within 3 hours and lasts 3 – 5 days.
Purity Bronzing Water Gel